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NIST Certificates

NIST Certificates


Myron L® Company offers certificates indicating product conformity to relevant requirements in standards and regulations established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a non-regulatory agency within the US Commerce Department’s Technology Administration.

All conductivity and pH solutions used in factory calibration are NIST traceable.

Written certification of factory NIST calibration of instruments and/or NIST traceability of conductivity and pH Solutions are available*.

Note: Test data is not included

*If ordered after the instrument/solution has shipped, the serial/batch number and expiration date must be supplied when placing the order.


Remote Alarm™ Certificates:

Part No.


MC Handheld Certificate
MCATF Handheld Certificate After the Fact
SC Solution Certificate
SCATF Solution Certificate  After the Fact
CC Conductivity Monitor/controller Certificate (without sensor)
CCS Conductivity Monitor/controller Certificate (with sensor)
CCATF Conductivity Monitor/controller Certificate After the Fact (without sensor)
RC Resistivity Monitor/controller Certificate (without sensor)
RCATF Resistivity Monitor/controller Certificate After the Fact (without sensor)
CSC Cell Substitute Certificate
CSCA Cell Substitute Certificate After the Fact
PHC pH Monitor/controller Certificate (without sensor)
PHCS pH Monitor/controller Certificate (with sensor)
PHCATF pH Monitor/controller Certificate After the Fact (without sensor)
OC ORP Monitor/controller Certificate (without sensor)
OCATF ORP Monitor/controller Certificate After the Fact (without sensor)

Note: Resistivity and ORP Certificates not available with sensors.

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