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NIST Certificates

NIST Certificates


Myron L® Company offers certificates indicating product conformity to relevant requirements in standards and regulations established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a non-regulatory agency within the US Commerce Department’s Technology Administration.

All conductivity and pH solutions used in factory calibration are NIST traceable.

Written certification of factory NIST calibration of instruments and/or NIST traceability of conductivity and pH Solutions are available*.

Note: Test data is not included

*If ordered after the instrument/solution has shipped, the serial/batch number and expiration date must be supplied when placing the order.


Part No.


MC Handheld Certificate
MCATF Handheld Certificate After the Fact
SC Solution Certificate
SCATF Solution Certificate  After the Fact
CC Conductivity Monitor/controller Certificate (without sensor)
CCS Conductivity Monitor/controller Certificate (with sensor)
CCATF Conductivity Monitor/controller Certificate After the Fact (without sensor)
RC Resistivity Monitor/controller Certificate (without sensor)
RCATF Resistivity Monitor/controller Certificate After the Fact (without sensor)
CSC Cell Substitute Certificate
CSCA Cell Substitute Certificate After the Fact
PHC pH Monitor/controller Certificate (without sensor)
PHCS pH Monitor/controller Certificate (with sensor)
PHCATF pH Monitor/controller Certificate After the Fact (without sensor)
OC ORP Monitor/controller Certificate (without sensor)
OCATF ORP Monitor/controller Certificate After the Fact (without sensor)

Note: Resistivity and ORP Certificates not available with sensors.

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