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Warranty & Service Policy

This policy has been established to expedite the servicing of your Myron L® Instrument, regardless if it is within or beyond the warranty period.  Instruments returned to us for service or repair without prior authorization will be handled according to this Warranty & Service Policy.


Most Myron L® instruments have a Two Year Limited Warranty. All pH and ORP Sensors have a Six Month Limited Warranty.  The Myron L® Company is not responsible for damage caused by environmental factors, i.e. temperature extremes.

Please check your specific instruments product page and/or contact the Myron L® Company if you are unsure of the status of your instrument.

Instruments/Controls within Two Year Warranty Period

Failures due to materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced (our option) without charge if returned to us freight prepaid. If failure is deemed by the factory to have been caused by abuse or tampering, the following procedure will apply.

Instruments/Controls out of Warranty

A. Diagnosis will be made and repair completed, providing the repair charges are:

1. Single Range Meters $70 or less
2. Dialysate Meters $70 or less
3. Three Range Meters $80 or less
4. EP and EP-10 Meters $90 or less
5. pDS Meters $110 or less
6. TechPro Model AR1, TechPro II Model TP1 $110 or less
7. TechPro Model PH1 and ARH1, TechPro II Model TPH1 $150 or less
8. Ultrameter and Ultrameter II Model 4P $150 or less
9. Ultrameter and Ultrameter II Model 6P, Ultrameter Model 3P $200 or less

Note: Actual repair charges may be less than this amount.

B. We will diagnose (but not repair) a returned instrument and mail, email or fax an estimate of charges if any of the following apply:

1. Repair charges will be more than the amount designated above.
2. The returned instrument is a Controlstik System or inline monitor/controller.
3. You specifically request an estimate of required repairs and charges.
4. The product is over 10 years old. Myron L® takes pride in attempting to repair instruments of any age (even as old as 40 years). However, due to component availability and product improvements, some older instruments may no longer be repairable.

C. If you receive an estimate from our service department . . . and would like us to proceed . . . please mail or fax one signed copy (with P.O. number if required) or phone or email your authorization.

Note: Unrepaired items are discarded unless you wish them returned to you. There is currently a $50 charge plus shipping per unrepaired item to cover diagnosis and handling such returns. Items remaining more than 90 days from estimate date will be discarded.

D. Service warranty period is ninety days for all repaired/replaced parts. RPY’s, RPG’s and RPR’s have a Six Month Limited Warranty.

Return Instructions

When returning your instrument, please include the following information:

Company Name and Address
Contact Name
Phone, fax and/or email
Description of the problem(s)

Return properly packaged item to:
Myron L® Company
Attn: Service Department
2450 Impala Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92010-7226 USA

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the Myron L® instrument only.
The Myron L® Company assumes no other responsibility or liability.

Myron L® Company reserves the right to make changes in policy and pricing without notice.

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