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Hydroponics Meters™

Hydroponics Meters™

Handheld Hydroponics Meters, Monitors and Kit

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Handheld Hydroponics Meters, Monitors and Kit

Myron L® Hydroponics Instruments:


  • Hydro-Stik™ 598H (Salinity)
  • TechPro II™ TH1H (pH, Temperature)
  • pDS Meter T6/PHH (Salinity, pH, Alkalinity)
  • DS Meter 512T4H (Salinity, Alkalinity)



TDS Monitoring for Hydroponics

The nutrient solution and its management are the foundation of a successful hydroponics system. The function of a hydroponics nutrient solution is to supply the plant roots with water, oxygen and essential mineral elements in soluble form. 


A test of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) using the DS Meter or pDS Meter or continuous monitoring with the HYDRO-STIK gives the grower accurate measurements of the concentration of nutrients in solution. If the concentration drops below the optimum level required to sustain and grow the plants, add more nutrient rich solution until the desired concentration level is achieved. This prevents haphazard dosing and wasted solution, which minimizes costs to the grower.


pH Monitoring for Hydroponics

pH of the nutrient solution is also critical to successful plant growth. All elements have a specific solubility pH range. This means that mineral elements dissolve and can become more concentrated in solution within certain pH ranges. Roots absorb only the dissolved nutrients, so this is critical to plant growth. The TH1H and the pDS Meter quickly and easily measure pH. 

Monitoring the addition of a pH balancing solution with the TH1H or the pDS Meter lets the grower precisely adjust the pH level. Beyond affecting nutrient availability, extremely low or high pH can even damage or kill plants. 

All Myron L TDS and pH instruments give lab accurate results in the field. 

All Myron L instruments use advanced Temperature Compensation (TC) circuitry and equations to give you the best TC correction available.


Myron L® Hydroponics Instrumentation Features:

  • Handheld meters measure TDS and/or pH
  • Monitor measures TDS
  • All instruments are easy to operate and calibrate
  • High degree of accuracy
  • Immediate results
  • Kit comes with solutions required to calibrate
  • Temperature Compensated Readings

Hydroponics Instrumentation Specifications:

Model: TechPro II™ TH1H
Range: 0-14 pH
Display: 4 Digit Liquid Crystal Display
Dimensions: 196 x 68 x 64 mm / 

7.7 x 2.7 x 2.5 in. 

Weight: 320 g /11.2 oz.
Case/Cell Material: ABS
pH Sensor Well Capacity: 1.2 ml/0.04 oz
Power: 9V alkaline battery
Battery Life: >100 hours (5000 readings)
Operating/storage Temperature: 0 – 55°C/32 – 132°F
Protection Ratings: IP67/NEMA 6 WATERPROOF
Accuracy: pH


±0.01 pH units



Models: DS Meter™ 512T4H 

pDS Meter™ T6/PHH

Ranges: ppm


0-2500 ppm/TDS 

0-5000 ppm/TDS; 2-12 pH

Readout: 2 1/2: taut-band shock resistant meter
Units of Measure: parts per million (ppm)/TDS
Accuracy: TDS


±2% full scale 

±0.2 pH units

Repeatability: ±1%


Automatic to 25°C/77°F for TDS samples between 50° – 160°F/10 – 71°C
Calibration Controls: TDS 

pH Zero and pH Gain

Electrodes (built-in): Conductivity: Never need replatinizing 

pH: KCl gel-filled, field replaceable

Cell Cup: Chip and crack resistant, polyethylene
Circuitry: Very stable; requires minimal recalibration
Power: 9 volt battery supplied; good for 2000 test/ 

1 year

Dimensions: 3.4 W x 4.5 D x 4.0 H in./ 

86 x 114 x 102 mm

Weight: 0,45 kg / 1 lb.

Hydroponics Instrumentation Applications:

  • Greenhouse Soil Salinity, pH, Alkalinity
  • Floral Preservative Solutions
  • Fertilizer Concentration
  • Injector Solution Checks
  • Hydroponics
  • Boiler Water
  • Irrigation Water Quality


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