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900 Series Monitor/Controllers Help Increase Production and Cut Costs and Waste

900 Series Monitor/Controllers directly impact the bottom line at a large-scale HVAC manufacturer.


New Myron L® Company 900 Series system implementation for pH, Conductivity/TDS, and Temperature control ensures quality, increases production, and reduces chemical usage and overall costs in 5-Stage Pre-treatment Process prior to powder coat.

A large manufacturer of residential HVAC systems began experiencing water spotting and increased chemical consumption in their powder coating operations as they increased production.

Myron L distributor, Electroplating Consultants International, proposed four interventions including counterflowing rinse water and incorporating at-tank, continuous monitoring of water conditions via a Myron L water quality management system.

ECI installed 900 Series Monitor/Controllers for all five stages of the pretreatment process because of their accuracy, multi-parameter capability and the service Myron L had provided on their 720 system. The 900 Series instruments have proved to be reliable under continuous operations for close to 2 years. They communicate the status of pH, Conductivity/TDS, and Temperature parameters in real time. At Stage 4, chemical feed is controlled via a 900 using variations in pH values. The manufacturer uses the handheld 6PFCE-BD to validate the 900 Series’ performance with variation between the two instruments not exceeding .1 pH point on Stage 4 and 25 ppm TDS on Stage 5. The manufacturer has also implemented a new heavy-duty pH probe from Myron L that resists attack from hydrofluoric acid in the Zr coating chemistry.

Result: The manufacturer has stabilized its pre-treatment chemical processes and cut Stage 4 chemical consumption in half. Part density on the line has increased by 25% as the racks went from 5ft to 4ft centers. Line speed has increased from 20ft per minute to 25ft per minute. The production manager reports that overall production throughput is up “in excess of 25%.”

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