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POOLPRO™ PS9 AHL Titration Kit

POOLPRO™ PS9 AHL Titration Kit

Pool and Spa Water Quality Testing

Product Info

The fastest, most accurate, reliable, easy-to-use handheld water quality analysis tool for any pool or spa. POOLPRO™ does the job of up to nine tests in one easy to use instrument:

  • Monitor disinfectant residuals
  • Determine water balance corrections
  • Calibrate equipment
  • Ensure proper TDS levels in saltwater chlorine generator

Professional Pool Water Analysis

POOLPRO is a comprehensive high performance tool designed to simplify pool and spa water quality control for the pool professional. Both POOLPRO models feature innovative user friendly features and functions that make it easy to manage parameters critical to disinfection, water balance, system maintenance and compliance.

NEW! FCE TM FAC Readings

The Myron L® Company FCE Function reports FAC quickly and accurately by measuring ORP, the chemical characteristic of chlorine that directly reflects its effectivity, cross referenced with pH. Both DPD kits and colorimeters may tell the user the FAC value of the sample in the test tube, but since the chemistry of that sample is quite different from the source water being analyzed, the results are imprecisely related to actual disinfection power. The Myron L® Company FCE  function measures the real, unaltered chemistry of source water, including moment-to-moment changes in that chemistry. FCE can be used for other types of oxidizing germicides and will track the effect of additives, such as cyanuric acid, that degrade chlorine effectivity without changing the actual concentration of free available chlorine present.

In-Cell Titration Functions

The PS9TKB adds the ability to perform in-cell conductometric titrations that provides a convenient way to determine alkalinity, hardness and LSI in the field. This eliminates the need to collect and transport samples to another location for analysis. User intuitive display prompts guide you through titration procedures from start to finish. All required reagents and equipment are included in the PS9 titration kit.

Water Balance Analysis

The POOLPRO PS9TKB features an LSI Calculator that allows you to calculate the LSI based on saved measurement values. This allows you to accurately calculate a saturation index value of a specific solution to determine whether the solution is balanced, scaling or corrosive. The LSI Calculator also allows you to adjust the measurement values to perform what-if scenarios to predict how changes in solution parameters would affect the water balance of a system.

Hardness Unit Conversion

The Hardness titration function allows you to set the hardness unit preference to either grains of hardness or ppm CaCO . The selected unit is also used in the LSI Calculator function.

System Validation & Calibration

Myron L® Company’s POOLPRO provides a fast, precise, easy-to-use method of obtaining Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP or REDOX) mV readings to check the true level of effectiveness of ALL sanitizers in any pool or spa. ORP objectively and precisely measures sanitizer ability to burn up, or oxidize, organic matter in the water. ORP can only be determined by an electronic instrument.

POOLPRO ORP mV readings serve as a necessary check to ensure automatic ORP control systems are working properly. PoolPro also provides independent readings for recalibration and to detect system failure.

Saltwater Chlorine Generation

PoolPro provides a convenient one-touch test for Mineral/Salt concentration. This is ideal for saltwater systems where manual testing with separate instrumentation is necessary to ensure the proper amount of sodium chloride is present for chlorine generation in quantities specified for microbial disinfection. PoolPro can also be used to recalibrate equipment as part of regular maintenance.

Wireless Benefits

The optional bluDock™ accessory package is an integrated data solution for your record keeping requirements, eliminating the need for additional hardware, wires and hassle. Because the user never touches the data, there is little opportunity for data tampering and human error. bluDock software, Guardian2 , has an easy to use interface with user intuitive functions for storing, sorting and exporting data.

POOLPRO™ Features & Benefits:

  • FAST one-touch measurements for Conductivity, Mineral/Salt Concentration, TDS, ORP (REDOX), Free Chlorine Equivalent (FC ), pH and Temperature
  • SIMPLE user-intuitive prompts step you through Alkalinity and Hardness titrations (PS9)
  • CONVENIENT LSI Calculator accepts both grains and ppm hardness units (PS9)
  • EASY keypad calibration
  • STABLE 4-electrode conductivity cell eliminates polarization, increasing accuracy with minimal maintenance
  • POWERFUL microprocessor-based circuitry
  • UNIQUE pH/ORP glass sensor is user replaceable
  • VERSATILE solution modes provide accuracy in diverse water quality applications
  • EFFICIENT design features auto-off that minimizes power consumption — one 9V battery lasts up to 100 hours/5000 tests
  • ADVANCED proprietary temperature compensation and TDS conversion algorithms
  • RELIABLE non-volatile microprocessor provides data back-up, even when the battery is changed; this assures all calibrations and memory data are retained

Benefits that save you time and money:

  • Hardness/Langelier Saturation Index Calculator allows you to determine water balance adjustments on the spot.
  • Easily transfer stored readings to Macintosh and PC platforms with the optional bluDock™ accessory package.
  • Ample memory provides increased flexibility to record and store 100 separate readings.
  • Real Time Clock with Date & Time Stamp allows you to maintain the integrity of each individual reading.
  • In-Cell titrations are simple to do. Reagent solutions are color-coded for easy recognition during procedure. Cell extender, pipette and replacement tips are included with kit.
  • The pH/ORP sensor chamber provides protection to a unique porous liquid-junction.
  • The large capacity KCI reservoir guarantees extended life.
  • A custom LCD helps simplify calibration and operation by using annunciators and prompts to indicate various conditions.
  • IP67/NEMA 6 rated PoolPro is waterproof and buoyant and can be fully immersed to 3 feet/1 meter.

PS9 AHL Titration Kit with hard protective case

includes PS9; cell extender; titration plunger; 100µL pipette; 12 tips; 3 buffers (pH 4, 7, and 10); pH/ORP Sensor Storage Solution; ORP Conditioner Solution; titration reagents H2SO4-1, HBUFF, EDTA-B-LC, EDTA-B-HC; Alkalinity Standard 100; Hardness Standard 200; standard solutions KCI-7000, 442-3000, and NaCl-7500.

All bottles are 2 oz/59 mL*. model: PS9TKB

PS9TKB AHL Titration Kit can be ordered with the bluDock Accessory Package, as well.



Display: 4 Digit Liquid Crystal Display
Dimensions: LxWxH 196 x 68 x 64 mm/ 7.7 x 2.7 x 2.5 in.
Weight: 352 g/12.4 oz.
Case/conductivity cell material: VALOX*
Cell capacities (w/o cell extender): pH/ORP: 1,2 mL/0.04 oz. Cond/TDS/MIN/SALT: 5 mL/0.2 oz.
Power: 9V alkaline battery
Battery life: >100 hours (5000 readings)
Operating/storage temperature: 0 – 55°C/32 – 132°F
Protection ratings: IP67/NEMA 6
Waterproof to: 1 meter/3 feet

Functional Specifications:

Conductivity Ranges: 0–9999 μS/cm; 10–200 mS/cm; in 5 autoranges
Resolution: 0.01(<100 μS); 0.1(<1000 μS); 1(<10 mS); 0.01(<100 mS); 0.1(<200 mS)
Accuracy: ±1% of reading
Auto Temperature Compensation: 0–71°C / 32–160°F
Conductivity/TDS Ratios Preprogrammed: KCl, 442*, NaCl
TDS Ranges: 0–9999 ppm; 10–200 ppt; in 5 autoranges
Resolution: 0.01(<100 ppm); 0.1(<1000 ppm); 1(<10 ppt); 0.01(<100 ppt); 0.1(<200 ppt)
Accuracy: ±1% of reading
Auto Temperature Compensation: 0–71°C / 32–160°F
Conductivity/TDS Ratios Preprogrammed: KCI, 442*, NaCl
Mineral/Salt Ranges: 0–200 ppt; in 5 autoranges
Resolution: 0.01(<100 ppm); 0.1(<1000 ppm); 1(<10 ppt); 0.01(<100 ppt); 0.1(<200 ppt)
Accuracy: ±1% of reading
Auto Temperature Compensation: 0–71°C / 32–160°F
Conductivity/TDS Ratios Preprogrammed: KCI, 442*, NaCl
pH Ranges: 0–14 pH
Resolution: 0.01 pH
Accuracy: ±0.01 pH**
Auto Temperature Compensation: 0–71°C / 32–160°F
ORP Ranges: ±999 mV
Resolution: 1 mV
Accuracy: ±1 mV
Free Chlorine FCE™ Ranges: 0.00–9.99 ppm when 350≤ORPmV<725 and 0.0≤pH<9.9 and when 725≤ORPmV<825 and 0.0≤pH<8.9
Resolution: 0.01 ppm
Accuracy: <1.00ppm ±0.3ppm** and ≥1.00ppm ±0.2ppm
Auto Temperature Compensation: 0–71°C / 32–160°F
Alkalinity Titration Ranges: 10-800 ppm
Resolution: 0.1 ppm
Hardness Titration Ranges: 0-1710 ppm / 0-100 grains
Resolution: 0.1(<1000 ppm); 1(<1710 ppm); 0.1(<100 grains)
LSI Calculator Ranges: -10 to +10
Resolution: 0.01
Temperature Ranges: 0–71°C / 32–160°F
Resolution: 0.1°C/F
Accuracy: ±0.1°C
*442 Natural Water Standard ™ Myron L® Company
**± .2 pH in presence of RF fields ≥ 3V/m and >300MHz

POOLPRO™ Applications:

  • Pool and Spa
  • Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)/REDOX

POOLPRO™ Accessories, Replacement items and  Solutions:

  • Soft protective case is constructed of padded Nylon and features a belt clip for hands-free mobility.
    models: UCC (Blue); UCCDT (Desert Tan)
  • Certificates confirming the NIST traceability of an POOLPRO are available (must be specified when placing instrument order). model: MC
  • Standard Solutions are necessary to maintain accuracy and for periodic calibration of conductivity and TDS parameters. All Standard Solutions are NIST traceable for your complete confidence.
    recommended values: KCl-7000 (conductivity), 442-3000 (TDS), and NaCl-7500 (MIN/SALT).
  • Hardness and Alkalinity Reagents and Calibration Solutions are required for alkalinity, hardness and LSI titrations. models: H2SO4-1, HBUFF, EDTA-B-LC, EDTA-B-HC available in 2 oz/59 mL and 1 qt/1 L. Alkalinity Standard 100 and Hardness Standard 200 available in 2 oz/59 mL, 1 qt/1 L, and 1 gal/3,8 L
  • pH Buffers are necessary to maintain accuracy and for periodic calibration of pH and ORP parameters. Calibration with pH 7 Buffer is especially important. All pH 4, 7, and 10 Buffers are NIST traceable and are available in 2 oz/59 mL, 1 qt/1 L, and 1 gal/3,8 L.
  • pH Sensor Storage Solution available in 2 oz/59 mL, 1 qt/1 L, and 1 gal/3,8 L. models: SS20Z, SSQ and SSG
  • Certificate of NIST traceability for pH Buffer and Conductivity Standard Solutions are available (must be specified when placing solution order).
    model: SC
  • Replacement pH/ORP Sensor features a unique porous liquid junction.
    model: RPR
  • Myron L® M’Pet 100µL pipette.
    model: FVMP-100
  • Replacement tips for Myron L® m’pet pipette. Bag of 48.
    model: PTIP100-48
  • bluDock™ Accessory Package includes bluDock™, Macintosh/PC application software, Guardian2 TM, for downloading data and printed instructions.
    model: BLUDOCK

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